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Mr. Bernie Denis is appointed General Manager for Western Canada and Mr. Al Hamblin joins the Importations Thibault team as DSM for Alberta ... Sherbrooke, August 25th , 2017 — Importations Thibault Ltd., a leading distributor of powersports parts and accessories in Canada, is proud to announce the appointment of Bernie Denis as General Manager for Western Canada. ... “Mr. Denis has been employed for several years as DSM for British Columbia. With all his years of experience in the powersports industry, his professionalism and his passion for our industry, he has shown us that he is the perfect candidate for this position”, states Eric Ferland, VP Sales and Marketing. ... In addition, we are pleased to announce the arrival of Mr. Al Hamblin to the Importations Thibault team as DSM for Alberta. Mr. Hamblin is an avid powersports enthusiast, with many years of experience and is appreciated by many. ... “Following the expansion of our warehouses in Sherbrooke and the opening of several new positions in various in-house departments, we plan to increase our presence and sales force in Western Canada”, states Julie Thibault, Executive VP.